Whispers Cattery
Whispers Cattery
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We will feed your cat or cats whatever they are used to at home. We keep a large selection of foods at all times but specialised prescription foods need to be discussed with us prior to arrival and may have to be provided by the owners.

Special diets can be provided normally at no extra charge.

Kitten and older cat diets can be provided according to their special requirements.




Owners are welcome to visit Whispers Cattery during our opening times to inspect and view the cattery, before boarding their cat.

Please try to come after 11 am.

We encourage you to visit us and we feel sure that your tour of the cattery will assure you that your cat is in good hands whilst you are away.


Please phone Janet or Pauline if you have any concerns.


Contact Details:
+44 (0) 23 8029 2629
Whispers Boarding Cattery, Bartley Road, Woodlands, Southampton, SO40 7GN
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